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Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my website!
My name is Sarah Kate Ford and I am a non-union voice actress with a broadcast-quality home studio. I've been acting for 10+ years and have provided voice-over for adverts, apps, video games, animations, and much more. 

I am a lady of many talents; a local marketer, actress and radio presenter. I like to keep myself busy! I have a deep love for all things nerdy; video games, Dungeons & Dragons, superheroes and a massive fan of musicals. Every Tuesday, I host a musical theatre radio show on a local radio stationand frequently am involved in local shows and plays - most notably recently as 'Frenchy' in Grease and 'Mamma Bear' in Shrek the Musical. You may have heard my voice on the odd Sky Advert, on the Dynamic Languages VR app guiding you through UK counties, as 'Cara' in the "When Tower Angels Fall Podcast" or even as the odd NPC in a video game or two. 

So, if my dulcet tones resonate with a role you have in mind, please feel free to get in touch about working together! I'd love to hear from you. 


Speak soon!



Demo Reels

Character ReelSarah Kate Ford
00:00 / 01:01
Advert SampleSarah Kate Ford
00:00 / 00:21
Home Studio Quality SampleSarah Kate Ford
00:00 / 01:03


"We were very happy with the work Sarah did. It was incredibly professional and we didn't require any re-records. Excellent job! We'll definitely order again. Thanks Sarah!"


    - Dave, Dynamic Languages


"Really pleased with Sarah on our project. We sent her some rough recordings of how we needed the lines delivered (timing/intonation) and she worked really well with the direction whilst giving personality to the part. Super quick turnover also appreciated. Highly recommended."


    - Steve Titford, The Island That Rocks!


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